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Efest IMR 18350 700mah (2pack)

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Efest IMR Batteries have a safe chemistry protection and give excellent results under load. Please check the specifications below for the sizes of individual batteries, to ensure that they will fit your device.

The price is for a pack of two batteries and they are all button/nipple topped batteries. Never over charge/discharge batteries or let them charge unattended and please remember to use a suitable charger. Do not short circuit, Always carry loose batteries in a case and stop using immediately if the outer covering becomes damaged

Please note, this battery is not suitable for use with a SubOhm tank

Battery Safety

  • Never leave batteries charging unattended (especially overnight)
  • Avoid over-tightening batteries into the charger
  • When not in use store batteries safely
  • Dispose of used batteries only at approved locations
  • Ensure that the charger is suitable for the batteries (if in doubt - ask your supplier)

Battery Storage & Handling

  • Always store batteries in a case when not in use
  • Store batteries away from metal objects (keys, coins etc)
  • Never carry loose batteries in a pocket or bag
  • If the batteries protective film is damaged - stop using immediately
  • Never force a battery into a device - if the fit is too tight - the battery is not suitable
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