All vaping relating items such as chargers, re-fillable bottles and pouches.
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Aspire Cleito Replacement Large Fatboy Glass Insert

This a larger replacement Pyrex glass tube for the Cleito tank. This is compatible with the Cleito 3.5 tank.  

Aspire USB Charger

This USB charger from Aspire has a 510 threading and features the traffic light charging system. It will flash 3 times when put on charge and then turn...

Aspire USB Wall Plug

The UK Aspire plug enables you to use a USB Charging Cable to charge e-cigarettes by a mains electric supply. Plug your USB charger into the bottom of...

Empty Unicorn Bottle

A squeezable, easy to fill unicorn bottle perfect for carrying around whilst you’re on the go. Smaller and easier to use than most e-liquid bottles. No more broken...

Needle Tip Bottle 10ML

This needle tip bottle is perfect for accurately filling your cartomiser or tanks. Simply decant your favourite e-liquid into the needle tip bottle, screw on the cap and...

Nitecore UM20 Lithium Ion Battery Charger

A sleek and portable battery charging resource, the Nitecore UM20 Li-ion battery charger is a multi-functional device that charges a wide range of Li-Ion batteries. Compatible With: 18650,...

iStick 510/ego Thread Adapter

This 510 to eGo adapter can be used on any 510 battery to allow the use of an eGo threaded tank.

Delrin Whistle Tip 510 Mouth Piece

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This is a 510 black mouth piece is designed to ergonomically fit well in your mouth, and provide a comfortable vape. This mouth piece will work well with...

3 Pin UK USB Wall Plug 500mAh

This 3 pin UK USB Wall plug is necessary for the smaller e-cigarette batteries. This battery has a 5v 500mAh output with a USB connection. This charger is...

Aspire Cleito Replacement Glass Insert

This a replacement Pyrex glass tube for the Cleito tank. 

18650 Protective Battery Skin

These silicone skins are perfect for protecting your 18650 batteries from shorting when they aren’t in use or on charge.

Smok Large Mod Zip Case

A zip mod kit case from SmokTech designed with your mod in mind, keeping a subtle sleek design with a large capacity this is an ideal case for...
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