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Welcome to our new and improved online store!

First and foremost we are so grateful for your patience whilst we sort out the problems with our old website, so a massive thank you to everyone who has experienced problems checking out over the past few weeks.

We are now post the TRPR (Tobacco Related Product Regulation) madness and are over the moon to announce our new website.

So go take a look and see what you fancy ordering from our new product ranges as there are many.  

Whilst we can no longer sell any bottles of liquid larger than 30ml or tanks bigger than 2ml we do have some fantastic new ranges and flavours which we hope you will like.

Here at The Puffin Hut we have been to various vape shows and more importantly, listened to our customers to find the flavours and multi packs you might like to try.

Why not give us some feedback on our ranges, we'd love to hear from you!

The Puffin Hut Team