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Vaping In The Summertime

With all the warm (albeit not necessarily dry) weather we are having at the moment here in the UK, it is important to keep in mind how summer weather can impact the use of vaping.

It is incredibly easy to overlook this aspect, and we can do our bit by sharing this important knowledge with other vapers.

With battery chargers, external batteries such as an 18650 and mods that have internal batteries built in (for example an Innokin CoolFire), it is vital that you do not leave them anywhere too warm or in direct sunlight. This can lead to overheating, and also carries the possibility of causing batteries to vent.

Excessive use of a vaping device in hot weather can sometimes cause the device you are using to get very hot.. When a mod gets particularly hot, damage can occur to the inner workings of the device. Parts of the inside of the mod such as the chips can even melt slightly, causing a damaging and even dangerous situation This is a sign you may need to take a break, or to vape somewhere a bit cooler. Having said that, proper and careful usage will avoid these issues.

Now, when it comes to eLiquids, treat them in a similar way that you would with some food items. It is advised to keep all liquids in a cool, dry and dark place. Sunlight and heat can cause the juice to lose or alter its flavour and the chemical makeup of an eLiquid may cause it to change slightly, such as affecting the content of nicotine (making it weaker or stronger)

A slightly different subject is enjoying a vape when you are out and about. British summertime is probably the best time of year to enjoy a cold drink in a place such as a beer garden (when it's not raining!!!)

In outdoor seating areas, make sure that you are clued up when it comes to the rules regarding vaping in certain establishments. Many pubs have 'don't vape where you can't smoke' policy, however you mustn't assume this. Lots of pubs and restaurants will have clear guidelines on when and where you can vape. If in doubt, be sure to ask the appropriate person at that place of business.

If you are allowed to vape, even if it's just outside, it is polite and considerate to keep clouds to a minimum, even if it's quiet. Despite vapour having next to no dangerous constituents in it, many members of the public do not want big clouds of strawberry doughnut going in their faces. That is a fair point, but we have to meet in the middle somewhere. It is our job as vapers to get rid of the ignorance surrounding vaping in public. We have to respect others and their boundaries, whilst educating them and defining the differences between smoke and vapour.

This is a guest post, by Peaches Atkinson