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Changing Atomiser Coil on Innokin T18E Tank - Staff Tip of The Week

In this week's staff pro tip Anthony is going to explain how to change an atomiser coil on one of our most popular kits / tanks, the T18E.

The T18E tank is a new tank that we sell as part of the T18E kit and also the tank on its own. The tank is said to have the most similar draw to a cigarette on the market and perfect for mouth to lung vaping. The tank runs at around 14 watts so you get a really nice warm vape and good throat hit.

To change the coil on this tank you first need to make sure there is no liquid in the tank. As you insert the new coil you need to make sure that the grooves on the side of the coil line up correctly in to the bottom of the tank before screwing the base cap back on as shown in the pictures. The base cap should fit flush back on to the bottom of the tank leaving no gap. (if there is a gap you will lose your liquid and it will not make a proper connection and this is what will cause your battery light to continuously flash).