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Alternatives To Menthol Cigarettes

One of the greatest causes of death and illness in the UK is smoking tobacco – the links between serious illnesses such as lung cancer and smoking were established several decades ago. Since then, governments have been taking action to try to reduce smoking. Back in 2007 a law was passed in England, Wales and Northern Ireland which meant that smoking within enclosed public places was no longer permitted – a similar law had already been passed in Scotland in 2006. The legal age to buy cigarettes was also raised from the age of 16 to the age of 18. Pictorial health warnings have also been mandatory on tobacco products since 2008. Tobacco companies have been subject to increasing restrictions in attempt to spread dissuade people from taking up smoking and there have been numerous campaigns to help spread awareness of the dangers of smoking.

According to EU statistics 93% of smokers start smoking before the age of 26 and that, “Tobacco consumption is the single largest avoidable health risk, and the most significant cause of premature death in the EU”. A recent EU initiative to combat smoking and protect people from the harmful effects of tobacco has included a ban on menthol cigarettes as well as any other products associated with young people taking up the habit. The ban was introduced in the UK on the 20th May 2020 and included smaller cigarette pack sizes, modified cigarettes (any products added which can be used to alter the smell and taste)and slimline cigarettes.

Why Were Menthol Cigarettes Banned?

Menthol cigarettes are a type of cigarette flavoured with menthol. Menthol itself is a substance derived from mint plants or synthetically produced – due to its local anaesthetic properties and distinctive flavour, it has become an active pharmacological ingredient, used in many products such as throat lozenges, cough/cold medicines and so forth. When used in tobacco products, menthol flavoured cigarettes were considered by some to be somewhat lighter and smoother on the throat than regular cigarettes, as the taste of the menthol masked some of the unpleasant sensations associated with smoking – it was for this very reason that these products were banned.

The ban left menthol cigarette smokers with a decision to make – giving up smoking entirely is undoubtedly the best option. However, this is not realistic for all smokers; there are alternative solutions which are safer than smoking but can help the transition away from cigarettes whilst still providing the sensation of smoking and a menthol flavour.

traditional menthol cigarettes

Alternatives To Menthol Cigarettes

Vape Products

E-cigarettes are electronic devices which many people use effectively to help them give up smoking. They are far less harmful than cigarettes and are available in several varieties such as vape pens, mods, pod systems and more. Back in 2015, an independent review by Public Health England, concluded that e-cigarettes were 95% less harmful than tobacco cigarettes.

Most e-cigarettes or vaping devices work by heating a flavoured liquid composed of vegetable glycerine and or propylene glycol, and nicotine. Vaping offers a safer alternative to smoking, allowing people to inhale smoke and nicotine, this provides a similar sensation to conventional cigarettes, but without burning tobacco, and as a result not producing tar or carbon monoxide – two of the most damaging elements of conventional cigarettes. Choosing the right strength of e-liquid to suit individual needs is important when transitioning from cigarettes to vaping. Most vaping retailers can offer assistance in finding the right kit when moving over to vaping.

menthol e-liquid

Menthol E-Liquids and Vape Kits

Disposable Vape Devices

Disposable Vape Devices offer a simple, fuss free approach to vaping and are ideally suited to beginners and first-time vapers as a cost-effective initial introduction to vaping. The small and discreet device is low maintenance and does not require any recharging, it is simply disposed of when it reaches the end of its lifespan. Each device delivers approximately 600 puffs per lifespan and there are numerous menthol and ice flavours available as an alternative to menthol cigarettes.

Mouth To Lung Vape Kits

This type of vape kit is well suited to beginners as vapour from the e-cigarette is inhaled into the mouth and then into the lungs, offering a close resemblance to that of a smoking cigarette. Mouth to lung vape kits provide a safer alternative to cigarettes, helping to ease the transition and allows the user to obtain an appropriate level of nicotine in order to aid their transition from tobacco.

Sub OHM Vaping

In this style of vaping, vapour is inhaled directly into the lungs. Sub OHM vaping provides a stronger hit of vape and is generally recommended for more experienced users. Sub Ohm vaping requires a much lower level of nicotine, typically 3-6mg, and is therefore not usually recommended for a smoker making the initial switch from smoking to vaping.

Menthol E-Liquids

There are various different types of high quality menthol e-liquid available which can be used in all vape kits. Menthol has long been a sought after flavour choice and is available in a wide range by a variety of brands including the following:

Our Products

The Puffin Hut is a well-established retailer of high-quality electronic cigarettes at affordable prices. We stock a wide range of products including e-liquids (both traditional and high VG), vape starter kits, tanks, batteries and mods plus a vast selection of other accessories. Our product range is suitable for those looking to find an alternative to smoking and to experienced vapers, looking to upgrade their kits and get the latest in vaping technology at a competitive price.

For more information on our products and services, or to talk to an advisor on giving up smoking, get in touch today.