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What is Squonk Vaping?

Squonking is huge at the moment within vaping communities across the world. It has become wildly popular amongst enthusiasts, and new squonk kits are becoming better and better.

What is Squonking, and how does it work?

Squonk mods are devices that contain a small, squeezable bottle that is designed to hold eliquid. The idea is that the bottle, when squeezed, will push eliquid up, through a narrow tube, and in to a squonk compatible RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomiser). Squonk compatible RDAs (sometimes also known as BF RDAs), will have a relatively hollow 510 pin. It is designed this way to allow liquid to pass into the RDA from the bottle below. This eliminates the need to re drip every ten puffs or so, as all you have to do is squeeze the bottle to replenish the liquid on to the wicking cotton.

There are many different squonkers on the market right now, in all shapes, sizes, colours and materials. There are mechanical squonkers (be careful when using a 'mech' as it has no regulatory features, nor in built safety features. They're mainly recommended for experienced vapers with an understanding of Ohm's Law). There are also an increasing number of regulated squonkers that are becoming extremely popular and affordable.

Also, there are an increasing number of RDAs being manufactured to accommodate a BF (Bottom Feed) 510 pin, creating lots of customisable opportunities depending on style, performance and personal preference.

Drawbacks of squonking can include moderate leaking due to accidental squeezing of the in-built bottle, as many bottles only need a gentle squeeze to squirt out eLiquid.

Also, the ability to quickly change flavours is somewhat hindered due to the fact one generally must vape a squonk bottle's worth of eLiquid before changing the flavour, however, this is not necessarily a bad thing as some vapers prefer to stick with one or two flavours anyways.

Lots of squonk mods (although not all) are single battery mods, this is usually down to the fact manufacturers need to accommodate space for the squonk bottle. This can cut your battery life down significantly.

There are many positives for squonking, they look stylish, are extremely effective and practical, and cuts down the need to constantly re drip your coils.

Many vapers enjoy single coil builds on a squonker, this makes it possible to potentially conserve battery power by using a lower wattage. A huge positive is that many single coil RDAs designed for use in squonking have out of this world flavour.

Whether or not you think squonking is for you, it is indeed a rather fascinating evolution in the vaping timeline.

This was a guest post by Peaches Atkinson.