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Vaping with Pod Systems

We always expected vaping to be about who has the biggest mod, the biggest tank or the biggest clouds. However, what it all boils down to is a way to stop smoking. Yes, for many it becomes somewhat of a hobby, but still, at the end of the day, vaping's primary job is to stop you from smoking traditional tobacco. We are now seeing a resurgence in the industry in the form of 'Pod' Vapes. Back in early years of vaping, there were a few of these said kits, although their popularity died down in favour of external non-disposable tank systems.

The pod systems on the market currently, are an improvement from their ancestors, designed for ease of use and reliable quality, not to mention discreet cloud production and the ability to utilise a high nicotine eLiquid.

Many new vapers are turned away when it comes to the daunting, complicated and possibly overwhelming nature of using an external tank that requires filling with liquid and changing coils, as well as dealing with the mod itself. It can be very bewildering having to fiddle with changing the wattages and troubleshooting any issues that may arise.

Pod mods boast a small, very portable design. Lots are no bigger than a finger, so are ideal for when you are out and about. However, due to their minute size, battery life is a potential problem – but not a big one! Most pod mods have an extremely fast recharging time, so this problem is quickly rectified.

Nearly all pod mods are mouth to lung, implying that you can use a high nicotine strength in them.

They are split into two main categories:

One, you have to purchase a pre-filled pod, reducing the freedom of choosing many flavours but also decreasing the hassle of having to fill your pod with your own eLiquid.

Two, refillable pods. These are also disposable, and you can fill them with any eLiquid you like (although not recommended to use high VG liquids). This is a little bit more fiddley than the pre-filled pods, but it allows you to vape a wider variety of flavours.

They are readily available and are very affordable, with most kits starting at around £25 and up, depending on which one you decide to go for.

They are effortlessly easy to use, and are a great option for new vapers, or for those who prefer a simple setup for on the go.


This is a guest article written by Peaches Atkinson