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A Guide to Vaping Exhibitions

As a vaper, you are probably more than aware of vaping exhibitions, no matter what part of the world you inhabit. They are mostly large shows that involve tens of thousands of fellow vapers, newbies, veterans, men, women, young
and old.

In the UK there are several well-known vaping conventions, each one growing exponentially. Most are 2 to 3 day events, held in extremely large halls, filled with vendors booths. These come in all shapes and sizes, usually with the more popular or well-known companies having larger floorspace. However, this is not to say that smaller stands are solely for small time brands, nor is it suggested that large multinational companies cannot exhibit on a small booth.

At the larger expos, you can expect between 100-200 different companies exhibiting at the show. The list of things being exhibited is nearly endless, with the most obvious being eLiquids and mods, however you will also likely see RDAs, tanks, coils, wire, batteries and many other (sometimes seemingly random) items.
Vape shows are not necessarily just for buying vape gear. A lot of it involves meeting others within the vaping world, trying out new products and engaging in giveaways, of which there are tonnes of! Winnings range from small bottles of juice, to RDAs and high-end mods, all drawing big, excited crowds, DJs music and entertainment shows.

The giveaways at shows like this have grown rather quickly, with hosts who engage the crowd, boost morale and bring together strangers. Unfortunately, there are a few vapers who mar the positive energy by acting either recklessly or aggressively all for the sake of free products. Having said that, hosts and organisers are always trying to promote and instil friendliness and goodwill in the crowds, and the crowds reciprocate this.

Vape shows usually incur a small fee to pre-order tickets online and to purchase on the door, although it's recommended to reserve tickets as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

A lot of the expos in the UK, and worldwide, offer a designated B2B day or time. B2B stands for Business to business and is organised for those who work in the vaping industry, such as shop owners, media & magazines, vendors and
promoters, to name a few. B2B time is solely for businesses and the general public don't usually get to attend this.

Everyone exhibiting at the shows are there to promote their product, make connections and to gain customers. Some have bright, eye catching displays, loud music, costumes, lights, promo models – even pole dancing and

Almost all of the juice companies will have their eLiquids set up in tanks on their stands, allowing you to try juices before you decide to purchase them.
You will probably see limited edition pieces of kit, as well as new releases, as many brands choose to launch new products at big events such as an exhibition.
There are dedicated food courts/areas, often very expensive, and of average quality. Some shows allow you to bring your own food in, but it is recommended that you check before you go, as not all expos allow this.

Security staff often do random bag searches upon admission, so for obvious reasons, no dangerous weapons/drugs etc.

It is probably a good idea to bring a large rucksack or trolley bag, as carrying lots of smaller plastic bag is tiresome and uncomfortable. All venues are wheelchair accessible, and most have very wide aisles for a less crowded atmosphere.

Lots of vapers choose to sport t-shirts from their favourite vape companies, and when it comes to clothing, it’s pretty much up to you, however it's a good idea to wear comfortable and supportive footwear, as you will be on your feet a lot.

It will be busy, bustling and crowded, but there are usually places to sit and breathe in relative peace. Just be aware that these events may get a bit overwhelming especially if you do not like crowds or loud noises. The most important thing about expos is to enjoy them, there are few expectations. If you want to sit and relax, do it, if you want to go around and try juices, go for it. It can be as busy or as chilled as you want to make it.

Just remember to have fun!

This is a guest article by Peaches Atkinson