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Lipo Charging Bag

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The Lipo-Guard is a fireproof bag, designed to stop and contain the firecaused by incorrectly or poorly functioning lithium batteries, especially during charging.Made from a fiberglass woven fabric, similar to fireproof suits worn by fire fighters it's a great way to charge your batteries safely.

Lipo-Guard Bag Use Instructions:

  • Insert batteries into charger making sure polarity is correct
  • Place charger in the bag towards the bottom
  • Place Li-Po Bag on non-flammable surface
  • Place the charger leads through the space (left or right seam) at the top of the bag
  • Close top flap of Li-Po Bag and press, ensuring the seal is secure
  • Charge battery using proper charging practices
  • Never leave charging battery unattended

Please note: Using a Lipo-Guard bag is not a substitute for using the correct charging equipment.

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