VG Glass Cleaner by PowerMaxed

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PowerMaxed VG Vaper's Glass Cleaner is a 'must have' if you drive and vape! This glass cleaner has been specifically developed to break down the VG buildup on your glass quickly and simply wipe away. It doesn't contain VG, it removes it!

VG on the windscreen can make your glass look foggy and streaky which can be particularly dangerous when driving at night or in bright sunlight. This cleaner will leave your glass clean and smear free with very little effort.

Simply spray onto a cool windscreen and leave for a minute or two, then wipe off with a microfibre cloth. When almost dry, buff with a clean dry cloth and your windscreen will be crystal clear. Furthermore, your glass will stay clearer for longer as you'll find that VG residue won't build up so quickly after using this cleaner.

Suitable for use on all glass and mirrors, both in the car or in the home.

Available in a 500ml bottle or a handy glovebox size 100ml.

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